I was two years old child at that time,

Talking pepples,running and learning,

The first time i saw you playing,

Through the windows, from my room,

I wished to be ”friend” with you ,

But never allowed to do that since my mom thought you may harm me,

That day i was hurted at heart,

Giving ”please may i?” look to my mom,

Days grew so did I hoping a chance to meet you,

And then I was a teenager wishing that then i could touch you,

no , my dear princess. he will harm you” this my mom,

why on earth? i should not do this” i shouted losing all my calm,

Days passed without you,myself growing,yourself staying long,

Like wishful dreaming, i waited for miracles to happen,

But the only thing i was allowed to do was..

Stare at your beauty from long in doom,

but babe i love you a lot”i sang in gloom,

And then one day miracle happened!

No one was at home except myself laying in bed,

And you as always playing at a distance,

I tried to call you inside my home as you did enter my heart,

But you didnt mind me and busy in playing,

So i came out to meet you, chillness everywhere..

Happiness occupied my tiny heart,words failed to come out,

Within few minutes , hurrah! we will be together!

I stepped slowly towards you my heart throb!

And atlast, for the first time you saw me ,

Slowly came towards me so close

”hey! you look hypnotizing” my words arouse,

Atlast we were so close together  i stood speechless on seeing you,

Your fine structure, cool temperature your valuable presence,

All these things made me to fly on cloud nine

I completely lost in you and gave you”mine”

Before i could touch you you did that starting from my forehead,

my mom misunderstand you” i told,

You let your hands through all my curves..in cold

Gave me a hot cuddle in cold , wetted my hair,

You came so closer than before minimizing the gap between us,

Mmmmmm….i can feel your air,

When i moved my lips to talk you obstructed it with yours and said ”usshsh!”

Without any harm you kissed me,

That was very different for my”just puberty attained” tanned skin,

With blush , I tried to run away,

But ,mashallah you pulled me towards you as i ran,

I wanted that moment to last forever…..

I didn’t want to leave you there,

oops!! what if mom had returned home? my senses alerted,

My eyes opened from the nice dream i was having,

Legs turned towards home but heart stayed there,

don’t go dear ” you told,

”sorry., mom will i have to” i prattled,

I went leaving you half heartedly there,

You watched me go till i become a dot and disappeared nowhere,

That night i thought ”what wrong he has done me?”

He just stole my little heart

Which actually i loved a lot

Mom came near me and touched my fore head,

She was so worried that i got high fever,

105.6 F..i told you that he would harm you but you ignore”-mom said in stern voice

Never ever play in rain” mom’s final warning

why shouldn’t i?” this my heart screaming,

i will”  my eyes told mom,

”you shouldn’t. stay here and keep calm”

Doors closed behind my mom as she had gone,

I peered out through the window whether my love was there to play,

But oh!! he was not there and left my world in gray,

don’t worry..i will convince my mom” i shouted,

”please rain..come again”…no answer!

”He was indimadated  by mom’s reply ..he will come by then” my heart consoled by itself

My eyes started to rain for him in pain,

”He will come” i knew

”I am waiting for you” my lips shouted in cue..

I am dying , please come soon my dear” i played my sad song,

Once again i called ”i am waiting for you..no matter how long”

                                                             2 important


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