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   I knew a guy whom i hate for now,

                 He is the one who taught me how to love,

                         No use of thinking about him for i hate him now,

               I had struck with him some months a fore,

                                      Seriously i don’t know how important he is to me , before,

                        Black hair, blue puppy eyes…that naughty talks,

                    Melts my heart..I just can’t stop my thoughts,

                                   He doesn’t belong to my clan nor that much interesting,

                                                                   He is actually not a kind of person that i used to get on but still i am captivated   Anyway i hate him for now…

                                      ”To do this shit..stop thinking about him” i pleaded my brain

                                                           But it told,”i don’t have control over your breathe,heart beat and his thoughts”

                                  Each time , i say ”i hate him” those words camouflages into love,

          Those days we used to sit beside back of water ,

                  He comes  to me and adjust my hair which is playing in air,

And say ..”i hate you ’cause you are funny,

                                         I hate you ’cause you are crazy..and i hate you ’cause you damn understand people well.”.

Then , he smiles a mile which gives a love attack to my heart,

And now i wanna say those words to him…

”I HATE YOU” my lips only utter these words,

Where as heart relays..

Still sticking back to him,saying that ” he is one for you,

Never lose him ’cause mercury drops are hard to recollect”

O AMEN! i wanna forgot him…

I wanna deprived of his thoughts,

I wanna concentrate on my work.

I wanna achieve my goal,

FOR that i wanna hate him for now..

BUT i can’t do it now may be i cant forever 😦

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