It was the September night, the day moon looked so happy,

But I could say you are dazed and too weary,

The chaos that still I could hear,

The day you were waiting for your dear,

And yea…It was the September night,

The glittering moon have just started to lose it’s bright,

8:58PM ,8:59PM , 9:00PM….Then you held me so tight,

‘I feel like holding rose petals’, you shouted to the height,

The glittering moon should have lost it’s bright in your pride eyes,

1 2 3….tear drops of yours fell on my cheeks,

You wiped it off with your rosy lips,

Days passed , months shrunken , years grew,

Your dark hair turned pale , you’ve become old and it was true,

‘Things change, separation happens’ , you told laughing,

I was about to leave with my stuffs packing,

‘Did he turn cold hearted? won’t he miss me?’ I asked myself,

‘Time will show him my anguish’, I tried to stop my tears,

‘Shall I drive you to the airport?’, your black eyes were wide,

With July sun so hot, you gave me a cool ride,

Not a word you talked but your eyes did,

All those sweet loves that you hid,

Started to come out ; the sun looked gloomy,

It should have known how much we loved each other dearly,

‘Time to farewell’, you gave me a wide smile,

‘I am gonna miss you’, I wanted to say with few seconds left to go for a mile,

You patted my shoulder as you always do,

You have somehow known that i was expecting a fore head kiss,

After one long calm kiss ”The day I held rose petals”, you said,

”Is coming again , now”, you dashed with my head,

I left you there with lots of unspoken words,

It seemed that you were in no mood to hear as your turned back,

After walking a few steps , my heads turned to seek,

1 2 3 …….Tear drops fell this time on floor which I wished it to be my cheek,

You have been beautifully hiding  your emotions all these days,

Though foot prints and time washed all your feelings, my memories nay,

And today, I remember all those stuffs,

”I don’t want to be missed.I just wanted to be remembered ” you say,

”Missing leaves scar but remembrance brings joy”, you were true I swear,

But I can’t help…’m missing you, your sweet smiles,

Your wise words and thoughtful eyes,

The day you held me, daddy

Though you are not a world leader, war hero or sports star,

The best men ever lived/living, you are my first hero and love,

The day for the first time you held me tight,

Will it come back? no matter how long, I wait.




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