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“You seem very young…new to work?” , I asked reluctantly,

“yeah…but I can handle this. Shall we start?”, she replied confidently with her eyes wide

Of course, I couldn’t deny ‘A beautiful sylph’ she is,

What a statuesque beauty without any flaws!  I appreciated the creator for his wonderful creation,

“Time is fleeting..so is your money…let’s get started”, her naïve voice beamed me,

“But….”I dragged wondering how to fill the gap in my sentence and mind,

“Shouldn’t I ask you some questions?”, I ended my sentence waiting for her reply,

“Is that for what you hired me? Let’s get started”, her voice mellow this time,

I was extremely startled at her passion that she had for her work,

“Yeah..i hired you. so let me ask some..”, I let my words beseech her,

I squinted at her face to know what she was going to say,

Alas! I made a mistake because my eyes never looked away then,

Her eyelids rolled a full 360 commanding me to ask,

“Why you chose this field to work?”, well… my question made me relax,

“Because this is what I was given to do”. She answered repulsively,

I could say I made her upset,

Silence brood between us for minutes before it could develop, I suppressed it,

“Sorry..i’ll stop probing if you want”, I wanted to comfort her,

“You hired me…so you can ask questions, make me work or whatever …”,

No 19 years old girl wants to be questioned like this, I thought,

“Okay…I think I’ve made you uncomfortable. if you want let’s start”,

As eyes of her told,”my discomfort is not ‘cause of you”, My mind baffled,

With moon floating, birds tweeting, my heart beating, her eyes showered,

“Sorry..but what had happened?”, my words blurted out,

“Nothing. this work gives me jitters like it was new…a little intimidation”, her tone is irresistible,

“First time?”, I asked though it was my first time. “No…but feeling like it is..” she paused,

“I was given this job when i was 12”, “12 years? you are bloody young at that age”,

I jumped at her last sentence, But what else a 12 years old could do at that age,

When rich girls of her age were going to school, boys of her were playing near,

She took that job as she was no rich girl nor a boy,

Though she wished she could be one among them,

But to look after dying mother and to help her elder sister reduce her burden,

She had to work and that’s what she did or she was made to do,

Hands of her now trembled with drops that fell from her eyes,

I wanted to know what was in that beautiful face inside,

“Hey! I’ve hired you..so do what I say”, the man in me shouted,

Her eyes that were swollen due to sobbing told me,”that was what I told you first…”,

Men lived centuries ago blamed God for showing partiality by making women look great,

But God replied ’em ,”To test Men’s weakness…I’ve made Women beautiful”

And this 19 year old maiden is testing my weakness..no longer could i bear,

“Tell me about your family and if alright the reason behind your tears..I’ve paid”,

“That’s not what people who come here ask me to do”, she looked me enigmatically,

“Ohh..But i want you to…answer mine” I looked curiously looked at her bright face which had hidden deep dark secrets, “You want to know about my dad who died at young?or My mom who is dying everyday due to lack of treatment?”

The only solace I’ve now is my sister , very smart she is, Her eyes twinkled brighter than midnight star,

“And girls like me have no awesome past nor decent present..so ASK ME NOT”

Tears in her eyes subsided as smile peered at the corner of her lips,

“Feeling okay now? so your sister is living a nice life, huh?”

“No.she didn’t .and i am not okay never will be I”, her eyes showered again,

The same god who created beautiful women made a lock to her heart without any keys,

I wished i would have  had that to open the heart of a girl with “beautiful face”,

“They promised , if i work here as they say, my sister will live a nice life..

But it was yesterday night,I found her doing the same work and yea i was cheated”.

Tears didn’t stop nor her words.Women always want someone to open their locks without any keys,

“They’ve made her to do this work, no wonder women were here for that,

My whole generation will die doing this work, i guess” , she laughed loudly,

A laugh with more pain than ecstasy and that wanted her to do all the talkings,

I am cocksure that men will be knocked out easily just by her looks,

“I decided to work here so that rest of my family live peacefully,

But the destiny which trapped me never left my family members too,

Mom in her 48 years and sister in her 20’s followed  my destiny unaware of it’s A or B,

Despite her young age, maturity made her older than her family members,

A maturity brought by her work and  A story  that is tragic,

I wondered whom to be blamed..she? or me? or men like me?,

With a sudden gained thoughts and confidence she spoke further,

And sir ..you who have a decent past, happy present and promising future,

Hunt women for no worthy reason but for bloody lust..

I thank you people for giving us chance to exist in this world,

Though you suck our dignity, respect and comfort destroying our chance to live,

I also thank you for praising us in bed,

But treating as  disgusting figure when you see us in public,

You with your wife and we with our clients,

I also thank you people for not only increasing my survival rate,

But lasciviously went into my family member’s life and still waiting for my daughter to grow up,

And sir…I’ve a few requests to make too,

She is no more a girl with ‘beautiful face’ but with ‘beautiful mind’ ,

“I request you people not to make us work 24×7 As we feel tired despite our biological problems,

I also request you people to treat as with dignity though not like Queen Elizabeth,

But at least like one of those house hold workers,

We kill our lives and become ‘Ravanas’ for your wives to make you ‘Shree Rams’

Remember we, as you call ‘call girls’ have also some needs and dreams,

I request you people to legalise or work like you did some,

Like some liquor brands, harmful drugs and pornography being legal, why not ours?

With some ‘THE CHARTER OF LABOUR ACTS” to  show,

And please rewrite the  indomitable ethics that ‘sex workers’s family also meant to be the same”

Each time, we satisfy our clients and leave out a sigh of relief ,

Aiming for the better future of our daughter who is upto fly high in the sky,

And at last my utmost request is.. Please don’t crush the flower before it blooms because it would never then,

The statuesque beauty finished her upanishad…

Looked at me with more pride – A pride that she deserves to have,

“You have a beautiful ….”, I started to say when she interrupted ,

“Face!..everyone says…so, you wasted your money and time”,

“No…for both ‘A BEAUTIFUL MIND’  you have and i spent mine on something wise,

She laughed louder this time..A laugh that had true meaning and enlightenment,

I forbidden my ‘prostitute princess’ ..she is a heavenly beauty indeed,

I went out of that pimp’s bungalow..gave it my last look,

I wondered whether my prostitute princess’ pleas and dreams would come true,

If not today may be one day.

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11 thoughts on “A BEAUTIFUL MIND

  1. its a nice work, a writer needs to be honest
    whatever he puts under his pen..but their are issues need to be looked with an extra effort of pain, care and support…if we really do care for them..prostitution, child labour are such issues..issues like this easily get noticed but we as writers need to be more tender while writing on them..this is what distinguish us…otherwise even pimps sell them and earn…thank you

    • yea dude what you told is damn correct and i am very thankful to you coz you read my long story of this ..yea something had to be done for these kinda prosstitution. btw thank you for stopping by

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