l 2

BOY:  when you jerk your hair and free rains with the towel,

it feels good.

when those drizzling drops from your hair falls on my cheek

it feels good
when you move your lips slowly and talk musically,

it feels good.

GIRL:   Don’t fool me with your talks, come straight to the point,
see me in the eye and say, what you want?

Don’t wander dreams, wake up

tell me in short,
come straight to the point.

BOY : I put on that smell of your memory till my head,

I leave my wandering breath to hum on your street,
When you open the windows and do new beginnings
it feels good.

When you look at me at the corner of your eyes,

And hide your smile,

It feels good.

GIRL:  Don’t wander  in the streets, you are going crazy,
don’t keep confusing me, what do you want?
I know you’re emotional, now show me some action too,
tell me in short,
come straight to the point, come straight to the point

BOY:  It seems that you don’t like me, you don’t feel the same way as I do,

It doesn’t feel good.

GIRL:  I love the way you keep following me,

I love to see your face daily when i open my windows in my street,

I love to hear your hummings that you sing for me,

I love to hear those beautiful words from your awesome lips,

Why are you not coming straight to the point?

BOY:   oh yeah! I was breathing, but I was never alive, giving you the heart, I got familiar with heartbeats, I’m lost in you,             all lost in you only,now where else do I have to go from your doorstep, coming back to the point

Will you be my moon in my sky? It makes me feel good.

GIRL:  You never come to the point, I could see you never draw your point, And couldn’t you catch the point in girl’s                 heart? anyway It feels good…. you feel good. 😛

PS: I was hearing to my favourite song “achcha lagta hai”..This is a simple thought arised out of me from this song

“achcha lagta hai” is from hindi and it means “It feels good” 😀

l 3


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